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Guru is actually another Sanskrit word, which means to bring light to darkness. Archer Pose Yoga Darkness, in this case, refers to ignorance or the delusion of reality.

Archer Pose Yoga The guru is traditionally a bestower of great wisdom; someone who has achieved an enlightened state of being through mastering the eight limbs of voga., Buddha was himself enlightened, and was a great guru. He was a walking, talking, living example that these yogic practices could lead other human beings to the liberated state he had reached within his own lifetime.

His path was a practical one, and thus began what evolved into one of today’s quickest growing philosophical religions in the world. He taught this path in his own terms through the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path throughout his entire life so that others, too, could experience bliss. After all, each of us carries the potential for enlightenment, in much the same way an apple seed carries the potential to be an apple tree.

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