Ardha Navasana Pose Yoga

As a sacred animal in India and as an animal that provides vast nourishment, particularly in the West, with her milk, the cow represents at once a nourishing source of Divine wisdom and a symbol of motherhood.Ardha Navasana Pose Yoga The practitioner of gomukhasana is a receiver of such nourishment. This posture balances the right and left brain hemispheres.

And, as we can experience from a meditation practice, deep breathing and the opening of the heart can truly make us feel alive.Ardha Navasana Pose Yoga Gomukhasana opens the shoulders and chest to deepen the breath. Emotionally, feelings of melancholy disappear, and the blood flow to the heart activates the heart chakra and energy is subtly released.

For each of us, life begins with our first breath and ends with our last. This act, which many of us do unconsciously, is responsible for sustaining our vital energy, thus keeping us alive.

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