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Tantric high-caste discourse in a few words

One of the most recognisable practices of the Tantric communities was their endless ritual of muttering syllables often leading the practitioner into trance. This practice of putting consciousness into trance by reciting mantra was seen as one of the most powerful ways of accessing the power of the gods. The vibration of the words would resonate with the gods, so the practitioner would become one with the gods (Feuerstein 1998). Tantra was therefore often named the path of mantra – Mantramarga – even if mantra’ing was also practised by non-Tantrikas.272

Instead, what seemed to make a difference was firstly ideological: Tantric practices and rituals did not acknowledge the Vedic ritual tradition, but constructed and legitimised their rituals in relation to the gods they worshipped. Secondly Tantric practices defined and focussed on the body-mind in a new way. Where former practices typically aimed at calming or even mortifying the body-mind system, the Tantrics typically moved the body-mind system into ecstatic and possession-like states. So we find many similarities to Shamanism . A third significant difference was that for many groups Tantra primarily aimed at immortality and power in this world – not the afterlife release of the soul.

This new discourse constructed the Tantric body with different meaning and purpose -with new use- and symbolic-value. It was often constructed as an integral part of a divine world. Here for instance god would be pure consciousness or pure energy. Human mind, body and overall physical matter would just be lower and slower forms of the divine. Thus the body-mind system was fundamentally divine. Human consciousness and body were nothing but lower manifestations of divine energies. Through various often ecstatic techniques human consciousness could be accelerated and raised to divine levels. The body’s sexual energies, its ability to orgasm, and its potential for emotional and physical ecstasy were a part of the divine seen as divine resources. These divine resources were often not solely directed towards release but toward gaining power in life. All this was unheard of in the old ascetic-wisdom discourses. Seen in relation to our notion of Altered States of Consciousness (ASC) we could say that Tantra compared to Axial Age yoga forms offered a significant increase of acceptable ASCs.

Return to the starting position, rolling the ball down the Artistic yoga postures for weight loss wall. Do 1 time, or no more than 2 times. INTERMEDIATE Swan BENEFITS: Artistic yoga postures for weight loss A great exercise for strengthening your powerhouse and for shaping your torso and hips. Lie with your torso on the ball with arms down, and legs straight. Using your core muscles, inhale, and extend your head, neck, and shoulders up and away from the ball. Do not compress your lower spine by bending back too much. Return and repeat 5 times. SUPER ADVANCED Seated V-Sit on the Ball BENEFITS: One of the most difficult moves to achieve on the ball.

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