Back Extensor Endurance Test

Back Extensor Endurance Test

(also called the Biering-Sorensen extension test) Equipment

1. Stopwatch or clock with a second hand

2. Extension bench with padded ankle and hip support or any padded bench

3. Partner


Warm up with some low-intensity activity such as walking or easy jogging.


1. Lie face down on the test bench with your upper body extending out over the end of the bench and your pelvis, hips, and knees flat on the bench. Your arms should be folded across your chest with your hands placed on the opposite shoulders. Your legs and hips should be secured under padded straps or held by a partner.

Your goal is to hold your upper body in a straight horizontal line with your lower body as long as possible. Keep your neck straight and neutral; don’t raise your head and don’t arch your back. Breathe normally. Your partner should keep track of the time and watch your form. Your final score is the total time you are able to hold the horizontal position from the time you assume the position until your upper body drops from the horizontal position.

Record your time here and on the chart below.

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