Best Bodyweight Exercises Home

Best Bodyweight Exercises Home

Summary of Results Maximum bench press test from either the 1-RM test or the multiple-repetition test: Weight pressed: lb Rating: Functional leg strength tests (0-5): Chair squat: Single-leg step-up: Unweighted squat: Single-leg lunge-squat with rear-foot support:

Remember that muscular strength is specific: Your ratings may vary considerably for different parts of your body.

Using Your Results.

How did you score? Are you surprised by your ratings for muscular strength? Are you satisfied with your current ratings?

If you’re not satisfied, set realistic goals for improvement:

Are you satisfied with your current level of muscular strength as evidenced in your daily life for example, your ability to lift objects, climb stairs, and engage in sports and recreational activities?

If you’re not satisfied, set realistic goals for improvement:

What should you do next? Enter the results of this lab in the Preprogram Assessment column in Appendix C. If you’ve set goals for improvement, begin planning your strength training program by completing the plan in Lab 4.3.

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After several weeks of your program, complete this lab again and enter the results in the Post-program Assessment column of Appendix C. How do the results compare.

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