Best Bodyweight Exercises Pdf

Best Bodyweight Exercises Pdf

Are there any relaxation techniques I can use in response to an immediate stressor?

A Yes. Try the deep breathing techniques described in the chapter, and try some of the following to see which work best for you:

• Do a full-body stretch while standing or sitting. Stretch your arms out to the sides and then reach them as far as possible over your head. Rotate your body from the waist. Bend over as far as is comfortable for you.

• Do a partial session of progressive muscle relaxation. Tense and then relax some of the muscles in your body. Focus on the muscles that are stiff or tense. Shake out your arms and legs.

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• Take a short, brisk walk (three-five minutes). Breathe deeply.

• Engage in realistic self-talk about the stressor. Mentally rehearse dealing successfully with the stressor. As an alternative, focus your mind on some other activity.

Briefly reflect on something personally meaningful. In one study of college students, researchers found that self-reflection on important personal values prior to a stressful task reduces the hormonal response to the stressor.

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