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Finding a Restorative Yoga Class.

The best way to learn restorative yoga is to take a class. Your teacher will show you how to use the props effectively and how to improvise with props at home. Many yoga teachers are beginning to incorporate restorative poses into their classes.

Phoenix Rising.

Developed by Michael Lee in 1984, Phoenix Rising Yoga is based on the kripalu method, and it is a combination of classical yoga poses married to elements of mind-body psychology. It's immensely therapeutic, incorporating poses for inner awareness, mental acuity, emotional stability, and physical balance, as well as spiritual awareness.

Phoenix Rising has sixteen basic poses and is done with a therapist who gently holds the student until emotional tension surfaces and is released. Through assisted yoga postures, guided breathing, and nondirective dialogue, Phoenix Rising aims to connect the physical and emotional halves of the self. A one-on-one discussion follows with a guided meditation.


Kali Ray Tri-Yoga Center.

113 New Street and 708 Washington Street.

Santa Cruz, CA

(831) 464-8100

Mailing address:

PO. Box 4287 Santa Cruz, CA 95063

Kali Ray Tri-Yoga Center Route 7, Sheffield, MA (413) 229-3399 Mailing address:

P. O. Box 321

Great Barrington, MA 01230

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