Best Yoga Poses For Back

Best Yoga Poses For Back


Midday is the best time to find balance, since the sun is at its highest point. This is the time of the Pitta dosha when we are naturally the most energized, but can also be depleted and overworked, worked up, and in need of a break to recharge. This is the time we should have our largest meal since the digestive fire is at its strongest, so your practice should be nourishing and replenishing. Practice sun salutations slower, and maybe leave out some of the vinyasas or practice them at a gentler level.


TIME: 15 to 30 minutes QUALITY: Balancing.

This hip-opening practice is nourishing and fulfilling before or after lunch, or any time.

1 Cooling Breath Pose.

2 Cleansing Circles and Twists Pose.

3 Cat-Cow Pose.

4 Downward-Facing Dog Pose.

5 Lizard Lunge Pose, right side.

Basic Vinyasa.

6 Downward-Facing Dog.

7 Plank Pose.

8 Knees, Chest, Chin Pose.

9 Baby Cobra Pose, 2 breaths.

10 Downward-Facing Dog.

11 Lizard Lunge, left side.

12 Repeat Basic Vinyasa.

13 Mountain Pose.

14 Tree Pose.

Flowing Vinyasa (right side)

15 Warrior II Pose.

16 Peaceful Warrior Pose.

17 Triangle Pose.

18 Extended Side Angle Pose.

19 Half Moon Pose.

20 Warrior II

21 Repeat Flowing Vinyasa, left side.

22 Wide-Legged Forward Bend Pose.

23 Warrior Goddess Pose.

24 Garland Pose.

25 Seated Pigeon Pose.

26 Resting Pigeon Pose.

27 Straddle Forward Bend Pose.

28 Goddess Pose.

29 Deep Relaxation Pose.

30 Yogi’s Meditation Pose.

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