Best Yoga Poses For Hips

Best Yoga Poses For Hips

Other techniques that regulate the Liver and Gallbladder:

Pummeling the body

This is a common practice in the arts of qi gong and tai chi. It involves simply the act of drumming and pummeling various parts of the body with loose fists. If you have ever travelled to Korea, Japan or China you will often see older people in the park practicing this pummeling technique. The primary benefit and purpose of this practice is to free up any energy stagnation in the system. Often after a pummeling the body for 5 – 10 minutes the body will feel very “buzzy” and it also produces a very calming affect. It is often a useful and effective technique to reduce pain related symptoms because in Oriental medicine pain is primarily seen as the stagnation of Qi energy. Therefore freeing up any Qi energy stagnation will relieve pain related symptoms.

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Here is some instruction on how to pummel your arms and your legs to remover energy stagnation: Shoulders and Arms

1. Hold a loose fist with your right hand and gently, yet firmly (we want the body to shake to the pressure of the pummel but we don’t want to produce pain) and start to pummel into the muscle between the tip of your left shoulder and your neck (the trapezius muscle).

2. After a minute start to pummel down the outside of your left arm. When you reach the hand turn the hand over and gently pummel up the inside of the left arm.

3. Go up and down the arm about 2 or 3 times and then swap hands and do the same thing on to the right shoulder and arm.

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