Bharadvaja’s Twist

This can happen if the act of yogic discipline conforms with and internally re-enforces the competitive needs of the organisations (or society) within which the individual is working (living)! By that I mean that the individual’s craving for an empowered self conflates with the corporation’s cravings for a top-performing employee. The individual and the corporation both require empowering self-discipline: rationalisation, regulation, and self-control. However in such a case there is no need for management to push and urge the individual. It is not necessary because the competitive force embedded in the corporation/ society already drives and motivates the individual. In fact, the competitive pressure has been internalised – the yoga self/ individual disciplines itself.

In this way the yoga discourse can become a part of the latent power structure of society -yoga-knowledge and social power merge. They become a self-disciplinary tool: the desire of the individual for self-discipline is also the desire of the company.

Contraindications: Hamstring sprain, ischial bursitis. Props: Two Bharadvaja’s Twistfolded blankets and one belt. Avoiding pitfalls: Make sure to straighten your legs fully, Bharadvaja’s Twispressing your thighs down. Sit on the edge of one folded Bharadvaja’s Twistblanket, with your legs extended forward and a belt looped around your feet. Manually pull Bharadvaja’s Twistyour sitting bones and thighs back and apart. This will help you tilt your pelvis forward. Hug the leg muscles to the bones and stretch out through your feet, with your toes and kneecaps pointing straight up. Place the other folded blanket on your legs if needed, to rest your head on later.

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