Bikram Yoga Pose

Bikram Yoga Pose

Their Problem.

Following on from the “Only Information” section above, you need to remember that any anger/ear tweaking is that person’s problem and not yours.

If they choose to shout or make curt comments, that is their choice. It is important that you do not respond or react in the same manner.

Your response is YOURS, their response is THEIRS.

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You do not have to follow THEIR lead.

I liked the style of these words, the graphic. I also liked the words too.

We need to consider in our working lives to try and be as happy as we can. Not a Pollyanna forced sort of happy, but generally on a professional and sunny outlook basis.

All day we are receiving information, emails, paper, letters, websites etc. Etc. This is fine, but it is how we use that information that is important. If you become “offended” by it or “irritated” by what someone or something tells you then it is unlikely that you will respond professionally.

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