Bikram Yoga Poses Instructions

Bikram Yoga Poses Instructions

Lung function (Western Medicine)

– Detoxification

– Brings O2 into the body and removes Carbon Dioxide

– Gas transportation

Large Intestine Function (Western Medicine)

– Peristalsis (rhythmic muscle contractions)

– Bacterial digestion

– Absorption

– Defecation

Lung Function (Oriental Medicine)

– Controls respiration

– Contributes greatly to the Immune System by spreading out the Qi (defence Qi, immune system) around your body. (The neck area is weak point)

– Controls dispersing and descending of Qi

– Control the skin and hair

– Detoxification

– Opens into the nose

Large Intestine Function (Oriental Medicine)

– Receive waste from small intestine

– Communicates with the Lungs

– Absorbs fluids

– Defecation

Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Signs and Symptoms (Oriental medicine)

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Admit how you feel, paying attention to your inner critic. It is okay that you made a mistake. All of us do.

What advice would you give a dear friend who went through the same experience? Meditation gives us permission to be fully human, even when being human is uncomfortable.

Come back to being present, even if your ego is committed to the past.

Come back to the immediacy of your experience. In the now, nothing is going wrong.

Once you leave your meditation, do what you need to do to move forward. Apologize. Work hard. Forgive yourself.

A mistake can be a one-time deal and a way of helping you become stronger.

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