Bird Dog Yoga Pose

Bird Dog Yoga Pose

This will help you as it starts something and the impetus will be able to build behind that. Even if you do not know exactly the method of getting there to your ultimate goal, at least you have taken the first step and will be able to see the next one to take too.

The other crucial criteria about taking a small action is that you have started and you now have an overall task that is incomplete. This irritates the hell out of me, I do not like to leave things unfinished. Therefore I have to continue, it just in my nature and I am sure it is in yours too.

We have been over the scenario of the time being right in the moment we have. The time is not yesterday, or tomorrow, the time is now.

If the weather is not perfect for the task, if the time is not “right” do not use these as excuses. Just get on and take action, stop waiting and prevaricating and making excuses. You need to do it now.

Try asking yourself better quality questions and I have found that this is a great way of getting out of procrastination. And getting on with a task in the now, the only time that we have.

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