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Goodness eventually came to represent God-ness, only much later on.Bitilasana Pose Yoga The ancient communities of this time and of the Vedic civilization were quick to discover the power of their actions, and realized that the odds were generally more favorable if they made sacrifices.Bitilasana Pose Yoga In time, the rituals themselves gave more support for this consensus, reinforced by numerous positive outcomes that were, at the time, believed to be controlled by the people themselves.

This was, understandably, an empowering discovery, and has since evolved into the organization of the world’s religions as we know them today. People of different cultures and ethnicity continue to practice various rituals, passed down from generation to generation, often without knowledge of their true meaning, to ensure that future goodness will come their way. Many of these religions are particularly concerned with the hereafter, while others emphasize achieving happiness in the here and now. But, few consider both with equanimity. Most of us yearn to belong, and so we often seek companionship in order to simply feel connected.

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