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Those of us who were in New York had prime seats in witnessing humanity under the threat of terrorism as the World Trade Center virtually dissolved under attack before our very eyes. Horrid as these events were, m their aftermath we have come together in mourning and in fear as a community and nation as a whole.Bound Angle Pose Yoga As many of us question the existence of a God who could allow such evil and hatred in the world in His name, others experience solidarity for the first time among family members, business colleagues, our government, and the rest of the free world, while others still witness all as the play of consciousness. At the time, over 5,000 bodies had not yet been accounted for, leaving thousands upon thousands behind without closure.

Our president and his cabinet were deciding what our retaliation would be against those to whom we had appointed the responsibility for these barbaric acts.Bound Angle Pose Yoga In life there are always choices, and the choice then seemed to be either in battling the enemy eye for eye, or in collectively finding a way to channel our grief and anger in a more mindful way. Can we consciously risk more human lives to gain justice for those lost? Yogically speaking, we have all lived this scenario before many times over throughout the world’s history. This is the way tragedies are thus explained in ancient texts like the Bhagavad Gita.

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