Bound Yoga Poses

Bound Yoga Poses


TIME: 30 to 45 minutes QUALITY: Grounding and calming.

Nighttime rituals are essential to transition between a busy day and quiet night. No one knows this better than parents! In the same way we get the little ones to bed, we need time to unwind since it ’s hard for our nervous system to switch on its own. Grounding movement is essential to calm the mind and wring out tension from the organs and muscles. Restorative inversions wash away worries and breathing practices reconnect you to your spirit.

1 Yogi’s Meditation Pose.

2 Cat-Cow Pose.

3 Cleansing Circles and Twists Pose.

Basic Vinyasa.

4 Downward-Facing Dog Pose.

5 Plank Pose.

6 Knees, Chest, Chin Pose.

7 Baby Cobra Pose.

8 Downward-Facing Dog.

9 Crescent Moon Pose, right side then left side.

10 Mountain Pose.

11 Wide-Legged Forward Bend Pose.

Photo Gallery of Bound Yoga Poses

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Flowing Vinyasa (right side)

12 Warrior II Pose.

13 Peaceful Warrior Pose.

14 Extended Side Angle Pose.

15 Half Moon Pose.

16 Repeat Flowing Vinyasa, left side.

17 Eagle Pose.

18 Pyramid Pose.

19 Revolved Triangle Pose.

20 Hero’s Pose Pose.

21 Locust Pose.

22 Half Wheel with block, supported bridge Pose.

23 Legs Up the Wall Pose.

24 Happy Baby Pose.

25 Supine Pigeon Pose.

26 Sage Twist Pose.

27 Bound Angle Pose.

28 Alternate Nostril Breath Pose.

29 Buddha’s Peaceful Abiding Meditation Pose.

30 Deep Relaxation Pose.

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