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We notice the strong conflation of processes generating critical mass and a crucial difference at this point on the curve: this was the time of the fitness discourse of the masses! Underlying discourses and social and demographic trends moved in parallel enabling yoga to take off. This was significant. The yoga discourse of well-being, health, celebrity and beauty could now explode in this phase of early majority’ propelling it with irresistible force into the next phase of the late majority’: global take off among the middle classes.


Loat the neck and head up, relaxing your ears. Camel Pose Yoga Imagine a string drawing the top of your head straight up, or an overhead set of Camel Pose Yoga earphones pulling you up taller. For thrusters, floating the back of the head up is important. This corresponds to the Skull Loop see Appendix III. Once you have balanced your head right on top of the spine see Normal in figure below, then the whole head can float up evenly. This creates a feeling of spacious lightness. Before and after you perform the neck postures we are about to describe, check your neck alignment with a mirror or a friend. Your goal is for your ears to be over your shoulders when viewed from the side, and your nose to be centered over your sternum when viewed from the front.

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