Chair or Awkward Pose Yoga

Vipassana mfeditation emphasizes awareness and seeing clearly.Chair or Awkward Pose Yoga The practitioner focuses on the impermanent and ever-changing reality of an object or thought. The goal of vipassana is to become so intimate with the idea of impermanence that you naturally come to a place where you no longer depend on the illusion of the permanence of things, the body also impermanent and constantly changing, or self as opposed to the Self.Chair or Awkward Pose Yoga Realizing this, as the Buddha taught, we can begin to live our daily lives with mindfulness and gratitude, taking nothing for granted. A more specific practice related to vipassana is shamatha-vipashyana meditation, or tranquility-insight meditation.

This practice, a basic sitting meditation, along with the practice of tonglen and lojong, comprises a process by which one is supposed to awaken her heart in order to live a more compassionate life. One of the two very fundamental aspects of this aspira-tional life is the lojong a set of teachings belonging to the Mahayana school of Buddhism. Because the Mahayana school rejects full individual liberation and embraces the bodhisattva ideal that is, a softened heart and a being dedicated to incorporating social values and helping others on their personal path to enlightenment these teachings emphasize compassion with and toward all things.

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