As well as the body the mind needs also to be cleansed. With us creating the modern mayhem we need to find stillness in our thoughts to stay balanced energised and effective. Mind clutter can be so tiring. Along with the nutrition we can use these simple techniques below to really give you that holiday feeling without leaving your own home.


Research shows that meditation can be a helpful aid to letting go of baggage of negative emotions collected by the mind. The list of benefits is long, as well as the many different techniques. One simple way to meditate is to find a place where you can sit and relax. Then simply ‘observe’ your thoughts without becoming attached to them. Once you’ve noticed them, let them go and bring your focus back to the present moment. If you find this difficult you can try using your breath by either using the left nostril breathing technique, or using long, deep breaths. You can combine this with a mantra of your choice to help if your mind wonders.



Related to meditation, mindfulness is a way of becoming fully aware of the present moment which can be practised when engaged in activities, and is a great meditative option for busy people. Drawing your full focus to any activity, slow down and focusing on one thing. Completing one activity, such as cleaning a room, with mindfulness can be a restorative way to clear your mind and get things done too.


If your mind is filled with stressful thoughts it may be helpful to write them down so you can off load your conscious cycle rattling around. This way you can delve deeper into the topics that plague your mind. By brainstorming solutions and examining different ways of looking at your problems can help you let them go. You may need to set yourself a time limit as you can get carried away. I’ve always found doing this last thing before sleep can always help you relax.

Cornwall, situated on the south west of England is famous for many things, beautiful sandy white beaches, deep sea fishing, decent surf, quaint sea side villages and an abundance of locally grown food. Both Jamie Oliver and Rick Stein have opened up successful restaurants here and the Eden Project, characterised by its futuristic biomes, draw hundreds of thousands of visitors each year to the area.

But now there is another, more eco conscious and exciting reason, to visit this delightful area. Cornwall is now home to the Scarlet Hotel, the UK’s first luxury ecologically designed Hotel.

You’ll find The Scarlet perched high up above the white cliffs of Mawgan Porth. overlooking stunning and pristine coastline. Driving round the bend into the village, you cannot help but be in awe of the Scarlet. An eye sore it most definitely is not. Instead of looking out of place, this 37 room boutique hotel, seems to just effortlessly blend into the natural surroundings whilst still appearing to be incredibly modern.

Finished in 2009. the Scarlet was created with only the highest eco standards in mind. This adults only hotel was developed with minimum harm to the environment, and which has set a precedent for what can be done with the latest conscious design and technology. Interestingly, behind this unique concept are three very clever sisters who also own the successful Bedruthan family hotel, found not too far behind the Scarlet.

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