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Yoga as an antidote to a model’s detrimental lifestyle

‘The dense interpersonal environment of modem bureaucracy, in which work assumes an abstract quality almost wholly divorced from performance, by its very nature illicit and often rewards a narcissistic response (47) SayS Lasch.

One way to succeed is to conform to the image of a star – being jozmg, energetic and beautiful, semi-divine. We all need to look energetic, resolute and powerful”. (Why do politicians always rim up the stairs when in the public eye?) The promise of looking good -radiating energy – is what drives society and especially the fitness culture. The rhetoric of the fitness culture – fed by idealised pictures – sends millions of young women to fitness gyms, where they among many offerings of female fitness programmes find yoga classes – while the men did bench presses (Glassner 1992, Bordo 1993, Sassatelli 2010).

Continue for a few breaths, then bring your head up Cobra Pose Yoga . Twisting the entire spine helps to coordinate the different segments of the spine: the thoracic Cobra Pose Yoga vertebrae take on some of the rotation when you turn your head. CHAIR MAT ASANA Seated Partial Inversion Purpose: To give traction to the cervical spine. Contraindications: Cerebrovascular disease, wet macular degeneration, history of vasovagal episodes. Prop: A chair. Avoiding pitfalls: Extend forward maximally through the whole upper body to give the best angle for the neck. Sit on the front edge of your chair with your legs wide apart. Manually pull your buttocks back and apart, which will free you to tilt your pelvis forward.

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