Compound Exercises For Weight Loss

Compound Exercises For Weight Loss


Insist that a wider range of body types be accepted by your dance group or troupe. What? Bigger girls can’t dance?

What total rubbish is that?


There are many ways of dancing that showcase and express your creativity and talent without running the risk of sabotaging your self-esteem. Explore your options.

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You’re born with certain looks, but you create your own style. Be original. You are about you. So don’t measure yourself against other girls.

Developing a unique presence and sense of style happens over time, not overnight. It begins with the realization that appearance is more than just how you look and that style is more than appearance.

Your sense of style can involve fashion that expresses and makes a statement about you. Fashion is an incredible, wonderful vehicle for expressing the emerging you! Choose clothing because you love the look, because it expresses the inner you. Don’t limit yourself.

Don’t restrict your fashion choices because your body doesn’t happen to look like a model’s body.

Express yourself!

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