Cow Pose Yoga

The right timing of the final mass diffusion of yoga

So according to the diffusion model the innovators were the Indian yoga gurus, who developed hybrid modernist postural yoga in Colonial India in the 1920s and 1930s in the light of Western body discourses. They passed over the yoga bug to Western students who trained with them in India shortly before and after WW2. Other gurus established yoga training centres in the West. Now Western students – often with middle class background – started to pass on what they had been taught. Among their mainly female students we often find female celebrities involved with visual media. Already in the late 1950s superstars like Marilyn Monroe, Gloria Swanson and Greta Garbo – all trained by the influential Indra Devi – started to appear in photo shots demonstrating their newly acquired yoga skills.

Firm your shoulder blades onto your back to support this tall Cow Pose Yoga posture. Pull your upper arms back. Press your arms out against the belt. Inhale Cow Pose Yoga again; lengthen up through your neck. Exhaling, move your head forward and down toward your chest until you feel a good pull on the back of your neck. Stay for several breaths, then inhale and raise your head. Release your arms from the belt. This pose imitates the Indian tilting head movement that means okay.

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