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I do not believe from my studies that Eliade’s discourse of the sacred entirely died out with Eliade and his contemporaries. Habitus like this – often composed by unconscious cultural heritage – have considerable inertia and only change slowly over time.

Symbolic projecting on the sui generis

My considerations find support in McCutcheon (1997 & 2003). He also concludes that despite the denial by many modern religious scholars, the research programme underlying Eliade’s hermeneutic and phenomenological approach to the sacred remains valid for a majority of religious studies. Eliade, according to McCutcheon, represents an ongoing research programme – or a symbolic projection – claiming that it deals with a category of human experience, which is so special – sui generis – that it can only be explained from itself. The task of the scholar, they maintain, is to observe and interpret religious data neutrally. However the filtering of the sacred, a priori putting it on a pedestal above history and society, has the implication that its symbolic energy and anchoring in society cannot be contemplated.

Purpose: To improve sideward tilt of the neck without thoracic Crane (Crow) Pose Yogamovement. Contraindications: Chiari malformations, cervical vertebral instability, inner ear dysfunction. Prop: Crane (Crow) Pose YogA belt. Avoiding pitfalls: Your head will tend to bend Crane (Crow) Pose Yogaforward. A little of that is okay, but try to align your head with your Crane (Crow) Pose Yogashoulder as you tilt. Retain a vertical upper back. Stand tall. Hang a belt over your right shoulder.

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