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Like many other academic cultural fields it became a closed circle for initiated knowledge specialists.37 To be acknowledged as a producer of valid yoga knowledge – that is cultural capital – in this discourse, you would need to have read certain works, follow specific methodologies, master certain skills, subscribe to tacit assumptions, and use a certain jargon. In other words, a knowledge discourse splitting the world into experts and audience. Here students were still mainly trained in Sanskrit and hermeneutics. Hence many yoga scholars were ill-equipped to analyse and comprehend the significant changes which hybrid modernist yoga underwent in the last half of the twentieth century.

The real challenge is to really be tolerant, in both thought and action, even when very committed to our ideas and beliefs.Crane Pose Yoga If our faith is strong, we should be all the more accepting of another’s faith. Though it may sound idealistic, it is possible to create communities that thrive in paradox. If we were to view this world as it truly is a macrocosm then we would understand that we all have a place and purpose within it. We are all parts of a sum. If we get too consumed by the micro, we can’t experience the beauty and peace that exists in the macro. So many of the world’s current problems are rooted in these supposed differences, and we stand divided by man-made concepts of separation.Crane Pose Yoga No matter what our beliefs, we all understand that we come from somewhere.

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