Creative Yoga Poses

Creative Yoga Poses

The message to you therefore is in your working life all changes will probably be preceded by some sort of chaos and you will feel the turbulence rushing through your life. But do not be afraid it, it is just like a great storm sweeping through a forest and knocking down some of the older diseased trees to make way for new growth. It is just part of the process so try and go along with the flow of the storm.

This soon passes and the chaos will soon disappear and order will return to your life. You will see a new order and not the same order as before. And before you know it you will be looking back on the old order as part of your history.

Enjoy the chaos and enjoy the great changes.

I read this slogan two different ways. I believe that my first reading was a reaction and therefore it is probably incorrect.

My first reading was that if someone says something, you should not say the first thing that comes into your mind. In this way you will not make a fool of yourself or say something stupid.

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However, I believe after consideration and changing this to a response (rather than a reaction) you should just blurt out what your first thought is in such occasions. Do not worry what people think. Maybe you hesitate because you think that the question is too simple? Chances are someone else wants to know the answer too!

I therefore changed my thoughts in this sort of situation. I changed from a reaction to a response, and I got a quality answer. What do you think?

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