Deep Water Exercise Routines

Deep Water Exercise Routines


As soon as I lay down, my entire body seemed leaden; and I fell into a deep, deep state. I could smell waterweeds and see many light-bodied nature spirits wafting around me, almost as if they were preparing the ground for something. A sense of timelessness pervaded the room As the “dream” began to take a dark turn, I found myself unable to move. Earthy, troll-like characters gathered around me in a circle, their solid frames immovable and glistening with a pale bluish-green light.

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All these beings were strangely, intimately, familiar to me. They seemed almost like cousins or family: I “knew” which tribe they belonged to, and I “knew” each one of them and they were dear to me; yet I hadn’t seen them for longer than I could remember.

Then, with slow methodical progress, a being of immense size and power ancient beyond my comprehension came toward us. Imagine a grizzly bear 100 times bigger than any bear you’ve ever seen, but with an almost human articulation to him He had to bend down to see me; I was so small in comparison to him. His face seemed as far away as the clouds, but his presence permeated everything. I could feel his breath on my face, and he snorted like a horse. He, too, was familiar, but I’d never before had his attention focused on me alone. It was overpowering. He turned his head from side to side as if trying to understand what I was doing there.

When he spoke, everything around us moved; and the wind of his words flew over my head. It was almost deafening, and yet somehow silent at the same time. It pervaded my whole body. I was “told, ” wordlessly, but in no uncertain terms, that I had a job to do; and there was no backing out of it. I felt his eyes see right through to my essence. He seemed immortal, immensely wise, and as compassionate as one would be to a creature far lower on the evolutionary chain who’d gotten lost. I also can’t forget a feeling of deep sadness emanating from him I’ve never felt so “merely” human, so puny, so completely out of my depth.

I woke with a start, soaked with sweat. I felt tiny and insignificant beside such an ancient power. The entire room seemed different and unfamiliar to me. There was no comfort, no assurance that I’d simply had a dream. My reality seemed entirely insubstantial in comparison to what I’d just experienced. I knew with absolute certainty that there was nowhere on Earth where he couldn’t find me. It was daylight; I’d “slept” for ten hours, but it felt like 15 minutes.

I got out of bed and the sense of urgency was so great that I called Margaret even before getting dressed. At first it was hard to speak my voice seemed disconnected from my body, as if I were an actor using a foreign accent but I now felt a connection to her, knowing that we’d both encountered the same beings. And I had compassion for her, as she was connecting with them on a regular basis. It was no wonder that she’d become so fixated on being a guardian of the waters. She’d seen hundreds of people receive healing from the springs, and knew intimately the powers behind that wonder.

I told her that I was going to run the story and was just calling to check a few details. In the long conversation that ensued, she added yetmore information about the complexities of water analyses, microbiological filtering systems, and town-council plans for redevelopment of the springs. I knew I had to pull it all together premonitions, mythology, history, excavations, water analysis, the lot. I didn’t dare cross the ancient being I’d just met.

The result of my labor is in print for all to see. 2 I felt driven throughout the writing of the piece and never lost the strange sense of being in the flow of the fates. As soon as I’d finished the article, I walked toward my kitchen through an enclosed passageway, hearing something calling me. There, for the first and last time in the three years I lived on those premises, I met a huge frog. Its loud croaking filled the sealed corridor, and a tingle went down my spine. The force of nature had sent a messenger. The spell had been completed; the job was done.

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