Double Pigeon Pose Yoga

Like the Buddha, those who have experienced awakening may continue to study and teach by example to whomever they may attract.Double Pigeon Pose Yoga In India, where the Buddha was born, gurus are abundant. In fact, some yogis may have more than just one guru or spiritual teacher. There are many ways in which the relationships with gurus are formed and maintained. I have friends who say that they dreamed of their guru from their home in the United States, and then traveled all the way to India in search of him.Double Pigeon Pose Yoga Some continue to mourn long after their guru has left his body. And, while I have spent some time around a few gurus in the past few years and have closely observed them with their audiences in an effort to better understand the relationship, I have not been compelled to call any contemporary teachers my guru.

I have, however, many times been inspired by the truth and knowledge that comes through these individuals who seem to hold a certain power in their wisdom, which is believed to be passed through a kind of grace through them and onto others by their actions and words, or even merely by their presence.

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