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Healthy Lifestyle magazine advising on the taste and style of celebrities – including a link of where to buy What is central to our investigation of yoga is that the cultural intermediaries came to adopt yoga. They made yoga practice the right thing to do – they turned yoga practice into good taste. And as soon as yoga was a part of the cultural intermediaries’ discourse and their approval, it spread effortlessly out into society. We will follow that process. Some readers might wonder why did this sub-stratum of the middle classes embrace yoga as it did? Why did yoga fit so well into their lifestyle and social interaction? When later on we introduce the notion of cultural narcissism we will see through the example of the celebrity star how prone this milieu was to certain discourses of yoga.

It is among the upper echelons of the cultural intermediaries that we find the celebrity star and we shall now see how this celebrity figure – supported by the emergent strata of cultural intermediaries – became a major factor in the diffusion of the yoga discourse. The celebrity who made it cool and tasteful to do yoga; who made yoga into a part of a middleclass woman’s lifestyle – we are going to see the cultural intermediary’ as an obvious early adaptor’. With these sociological concepts in place let us now return to the diffusion of yoga.

Place your legs wide apart and parallel. Bring your hands Downward-Facing Dog to your hips. Bend your knees and lift up through your spine as you inhale. Downward-Facing Dog Exhale and bend forward, tilting from the hips as much as possible. Touch the floor or blocks lightly with your hands. Pull your arms up into the shoulder sockets, but let your head hang loosely down. Move your head and neck cautiously in all directions nodding your head yes, turning side to side, and shaking your head no. Let your head hang again in center for a few breaths, releasing down.

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