Eight-Angle Pose Yoga

It was mainly groups in the West critical of capitalism or modernity that ironically turned yoga into a commodity: the post WW2 counter- and marginalised culture, the romanticists and spiritualists. By making yoga into a commodity they firstly added another commodity to capitalism – increased capitalism – by making yet another aspect of our lives commoditised.

Secondly they started a process over which they had no control. They now had to follow the rules of the market or close down their one-man enterprises. In Marx’s terms they had made themselves into apetty-bourgeoisie, very vulnerable to the forces of commodification. There seems to be little awareness of this. Yoga popularisers tend to scorn and distance themselves from the capitalism they themselves reproduce by offering yoga knowhow in the capitalist market. Let us now investigate the producers of Western modernist yoga know-how.

Repeat as above several more times to each side. Movements Eight-Angle Pose Yoga should be as fluid and naturally expressive as possible. Accept whatever range is comfortable for you Eight-Angle Pose Yoga . This back bend increases extension and encourages better posture. It also strengthens the neck and upper back. This spinal twist will help to coordinate the different segments of the spine. This back bend stretches the neck, encourages better posture, and strengthens the upper back. Purpose: To support in a resting position the natural curves of the spine.

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