Eka Pada Rajakapotasana Pose Yoga

This path, which is essentially the Four Noble Truths, reflects the Buddha’s specific instructions on how to Eka Pada Rajakapotasana Pose Yoga purify one’s heart and mind by living an enlightened life. It is about living in a spiritual way, day to day, through everything we do.Eka Pada Rajakapotasana Pose Yoga Through this path, also called the Middle Way, we may experience the liberation and insight that the Buddha exemplified. Buddhism teaches this Middle Way as the way between two extremes of radical asceticism and radical hedonism. Buddhism is a practical religion, with the Buddha as a model for a human being who achieved the goal of nirvana, a state of bliss here on earth. The symbol of his path is a pair of footprints, which represents a sturdy foundation grounded in humility and also impermanence. The footprints are proof that Buddha was here, but now that his physical body is gone, his teachings remain as the guide for others to follow. Buddha walked this same earth and attained nirvana, so we can, too, if we choose to follow the path he created.

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