Exercise Class For Pregnancy

Exercise Class For Pregnancy

Figure 7 Rays and Planes 3

We must remember that when considering the cosmic planes, the red sphere that represents the grouped consciousness of the whole cosmic physical plane becomes the violet sphere within the greater whole. This reveals the intimate relationship between the First and Seventh Rays.

When we examine the planes through the lens of a particluar ray influence, our attention is drawn to different combinations of consciousness. For example in Figure 8a the Fifth Ray influence draws our attention to the threefold divisions of Spirit-Soul-Personality, while in Figure 8b the Fourth Ray focuses our attention on the Spirit/Matter duality.

Figure 8 Ray Influences

The next step is to ‘propagate’ the spheres within the ring-pass-not of the seven planes. When dealing with the Second Ray there are two spheres that can encompass six planes; with the Third Ray there are three spheres that can each cover five planes, and so on. Each spherical division can give us specific information about the synthesis of consciousness within that sphere.

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When all of the rays are considered, we have in total 28 (7!) distinguishable spheres of activity on the planes. Compare this with the chart on the Pleroma by Valentinus: “Such are the Contents of the Pleroma or Completion, the Ideas in the Divine Mind, 28 in all…”39 Remember also that there are 28 stars in Capricorn and 28 groups found on the third subplane of the mental plane.

While much information is conveyed intuitively by examining the patterns as a whole, the key to using these patterns to increase our specific understanding of the way consciousness expresses on the planes is to focus on one portion of the overall map, allowing us to relate the Hierarchies involved in revealing ways.

Note the focus on the central three and five planes which is generated out of the relationship of Rays 1, 2 and 3 in Figure 10a. A ‘bull’s eye’ can be generated from the 1, 3, 5, 7 combination in 10b and the even numbered rays express an essential duality in 10c.

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