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The power of fitness-and-beauty-yoga of course has been spotted as a business opportunity in the traditional corporate business sector. Yoga today has for instance become a core product of the modern Wellness business: a week-end at a luxury health spa hotel, recharging, de-stressing and giving peace and meaning to the exhausted competitive marketing executive or secretary. If you are exhausted, a plethora of brochures and advertisements will promise to restore your strength and beauty.

So we have seen how the contemporary yoga discourse – the know-how of practising and talking about yoga – empowers the sympathiser. This link between knowledge and power is a central theme of the French philosopher M. Foucault (Wikipedia linkY Foucault then links knowledge and power to self-identity. This last link also fits well into what we have seen with contemporary yoga. We have seen how the yoga discourse for the practitioner builds up self and identity – for instance social images of young, beautiful, strong and holistic person. However we should not forget that a yoga identity to some can signify a self-identity of ethical living, resistance and self-emancipation.

Based on Foucault’s ideas one can visualise a triangle (see below) showing how: Yoga Knowledge – Power – Self are related mutually to each other. The three corners of the triangle so to speak flow into each other and generate each other simultaneously .

Place the bolster across the mat where your knees will be Extended Puppy Pose Yoga . Lie down on your back, with the bolster under your knees and the folded blanket Extended Puppy Pose Yoga under the back of your chest. The bottom of your shoulder blades should be supported by the distant edge of the blanket nearer the bolster. Adjust the other blanket to fit snugly under your neck. It should support the natural arch there. Extend your arms out at a comfortable angle from your sides, palms up. Relax and breathe deeply. If any part of your body is uncomfortable, roll to the side, sit up, and adjust the props.

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