Firefly Pose Yoga

Strength in the lumbar spine and abdominal musculature reduces the load Firefly Pose Yoga on the knees, and as stated, flexibility in the ankles cushions the impact that the Firefly Pose Yoga knees might otherwise absorb. So if the knees are your area of concern, please practice the poses from the chapters on these other joints as well as those in this one.

Two pairs of opposite actions serve to stabilize and align the knee for safety in all types of movements and positions. First, let us look at the alignment of the knee in the frontal plane. In many people, the lower legs bow outward, and the knees and thighs angle in toward the midline.

Often the arches of the feet are collapsed as well. What is needed for better alignment is to balance the weight on the four corners of the feet see 235, to bring the shins in toward the midline, and to widen the thighs, until each leg lines up in one plumb line from ankle to hip joint. This Shins-In-Thighs-Out action is exemplified by the Pressure Cooker.

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