Fish Yoga Pose

Fish Yoga Pose

Liver & Gallbladder In Balance.

– Good healthy digestion.

– Regular and healthy bowel movements (not too dry, not too wet and one a day before breakfast is ideal)

– Generally in a good and positive mood.

– Enjoys moving the body, enjoys exercise, dancing, walking etc.

– Motivated and energized.

– Doesn’t get angry or frustrated easily.

– Is clear and decisive in the decision making process.

– Is content and happy with the way life is unfolding.

– Willing to launch into new projects.

– Is flexible and adaptable to new situations as they arise, (sees them as a healthy challenge rather then an obstacle)

– Healthy eyes with good vision Liver & Gallbladder Out Of Balance.

– Easy to agitation, frustration & anger.

– Feelings of stagnation or being stuck.

– Mild depression and moodiness (bipolar related symptoms)

– A poor, sluggish digestion (bloating, excess gas, cramps etc. ) or an over stimulated, rapid metabolism (too much fire)

– Can be overweight and slow (not enough heat) or very thin and looks dried out (too much heat)

– Mentally Unclear, uncertain and lacks ability to make firm decisions.

– Irregular bowel movements eg. Constipation.

– Lots of sighs and feelings of “can’t be bothered” or “its too hard”

– Irregular menstruation.

– Tendency to alcohol addiction.

– Tendency to drug addiction (marijuana & methamphetamine mainly)

– Lacks energy and motivation.

– Self absorbed, greedy, selfish

– Stubborn, pig headed and not adaptable to new circumstances.

– Intolerant (easily agitated)

– Red face.

– Narrow minded – prefers to stick to familiar ways.

– Clumsiness.

– Shakes or has a tremor in the hands and limbs.

– Regular dry, red or irritated eyes, sometimes partnered with vision problems.

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