Frog Pose Yoga Journal

Frog Pose Yoga Journal

THU month we report on the commendable work of Yoga Gives Back, the organisation that’s helping to make a difference in India through their donation-based ini-tlatfve to help fund microloans to some of the country’s poorest people.

Sally Parkes encourages us to shape up for summer, with the second part of her home workout to help us tone up and loose weight and increase energy and strength. We

also take a look at how using mantras can cause inner and outer change, and we catch up with Allie Hill as she celebrates the 10th anniversary of yogahaven, and we have four, free introductory courses to giveaway to her studios.

Guiding us through this month’s yoga poses section, is the highly respected teacher Yogi Ashokananda, who also provides a physically energising prana kriya yoga sequence. And if this whets your appetite, then make sure you enter our fantastic competition, where two lucky readers can win a place on Yogi Ashokananda’s Be The Light’ Yoga and Meditation retreat as well as receiving a personal one-on-one workshop.

And if you’re planning a holiday this year, we profile some of the world’s best yoga retreats – each offering something special and unique to improve and inspire your practice. But if you fancy a little break closer to home, then check out our review of The Scarlet – the UK’s first luxury eco hotel.

Plus there’s the freshest ethical fashion and yoga clothing, organic beauty featuring a men’s skincare special, Vedic astrology and much, much more.

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I hope you enjoy reading the yoga, and I look forward to meeting you in August.

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