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Many institutions were created from communities of like-mindedness, each designed to create order and provide answers during otherwise chaotic times.Frog Pose Yoga For centuries, the intentions of various communities, from religion to government, have served well for many in offering comfort and security, but they have also shut out many who do not quite fit their expected molds.

From this is born intolerance, w7hich breeds hatred in the world. Today, more and more, the world seems made up of too many alternative and opposing communities.Frog Pose Yoga We can easily forget that there is a place for everyone, something for everybody; and we can easily get caught up in fanatical solidarity, which creates too great a disconnect from what is seemingly other.

The word community is derived from the Latin word comunitas. The American Heritage Dictionary defines community as l a group of people living in the same locality and under the same government; 2 a group of people having common interests; 3 society as a whole. Looking at the latter, we must consider our knowledge that humans are social animals and require interaction with others.

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