Front Plank Test Equipment

Front Plank Test Equipment

1. Stopwatch or clock with a second hand

2. Exercise mat

3. Partner

Preparation Warm up your muscles with some low-intensity activity such as walking or easy jogging. Practice assuming the front plank position described below.

Front Plank Test Equipment Photo Gallery


1. Assume a front plank position by lying on your front and then lifting your hips, supporting your weight on your forearms and toes and keeping the torso rigid (see photo). Your body should maintain a straight line; keep your hands together and elbows directly under your shoulders. Breathe normally and don’t hold your breath.

2. Hold the position as long as possible. Your partner should keep track of the time and make sure that you maintain the correct position. Your final score is the total time you are able to hold the front plank with correct form from the time you lift your hips until your hips return to the mat.

3. Record your time here and on the chart at the end of the lab. Front plank time:

Rating Your Test Results for Muscular Endurance for Low-Back Health

The table below shows percentiles for torso endurance tests for healthy young college students, ages 17 to 25, based on a study of 181 university students. Compare your scores with the times shown in the table. Your percentile on each test tells you the percent of the students in the study scored at or below your score.

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