Garudasana Pose Yoga

However, like the Four Noble Truths, all paths lead to the same goal: union with atman individual self, Brahman universal or supreme self, or God.Garudasana Pose Yoga Karma Yoga is the yoga of action. It is generally the path chosen by those with an outgoing or extrovert nature. It purifies the heart by teaching you to act selflessly, without thought of gain or reward.

Garudasana Pose Yoga By detaching yourself from the fruits of your actions and offering them up to God, you learn to sublimate the ego. Through Karma Yoga, we involve ourselves in The Eightfold Path WISDOM TRAINING, OR DISCERNMENT: Clear understanding of the Four Noble Truths and the intention to act accordingly STEP I RIGHT VIEW The realization that the true nature of the world involves good and bad, and the understanding that there is no self.

STEP 2 RIGHT RESOLVE The realization that the quality of an act is determined by its intention, therefore one must renounce unhealthy and temporal desires, ill intentions, and harm against oneself and others. ETHICS TRAINING, OR VIRTUE: The disciplining of one’s intentions and behavior STEP 3 RIGHT SPEECH Restraint from lying, harsh language, and idle talk.

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