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Since the 1990s new types of yoga sympathisers have picked up yoga for different reasons. I personally belong to these latecomers to yoga. We newcomers often protest or feel manipulated when we find a yoga populariser enveloping our newly discovered yoga exercises with spirituality and Hindu mysticism. -All the spiritual talk fused into practice does not fit into our experience, expectation and worldview. This is not why we are doing yoga! We are a mass market of consumers who through our demand – i.e. commodification -has propelled a peripheral yoga product into the mainstream.65 We are amateurs, demanding a product, which should give us certain benefits. In the subsequent process of selection one yoga product stood out. It was a very body oriented yoga form cut loose from spirituality, Hindu life style and Neo-Vedanta. In that exchange between supply and demand we have formed a new yoga product: the medical therapeutic yoga . We could also call it modernist postural yoga or asana yoga. I see notions like medical therapeutic yoga and spiritual fitness yoga as subspecies of modernist postural/asana yoga~. Let us investigate this subspecies of technical therapeutic yoga discourse and see what formed and influenced our demand for this product. Our searchlight now turns towards a different female habitus, which was going under significant change: the female body, health and beauty culture.

Modernist postural yoga in general is a yoga discourse where the word yoga has become synonymous with asana – posture. The posture-centred yoga we millions of newcomers experienced had during the post-war years become predominantly an exercise of series of long held body stretches assisted by slow breathing patterns. Over time a blueprint had developed for how an asana driven yoga class should progress: slow start, warming up, climax, slow down and relaxation.

Parallel throughout the process. Repeat on the other side. Gate Pose Yoga This pose can gradually metamorphose into the more intense version by gradually increasing the distance you slide Gate Pose Yoga the heel until the knee is straight. Both versions of this action pose are gentle but require precision and full attention. Coordination and proprioception at ankle, knee, and hip are improved significantly, all of which are critical to knee care. This pose uses an isometric action in the legs to realign the sacroiliac joint, hips, and knees. You can practice tracking the front knee carefully in this pose while also stretching the calf and hip of your back leg. This deep hip stretch helps take pressure off the knee.

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