Half Frog Pose Yoga

Fitness has moved to the centre of post-modern living for many. The attributes and appearance of the body has for the middle classes, according to Bourdieu (1984), become cultural capital. The body has become an asset through which individuals and social groups exhibit difference and rank. Hence according to Bourdieu the management of the body asset through fitness, clothing, eating, health and cosmetics – occupy us increasingly. Unlike the bourgeoisie, who ensured their favourite sports like sailing and riding were protected by economic barriers, today’s middle classes (especially women) have instead become anxious about appearance – our body-for-others – and are attracted to ascetic ‘ fitness regiments, says Bourdieu.

This – the body as cultural capital (I prefer to label it symbolic ‘ capital) – is the subject of this sub chapter.

Thigh muscles are strengthened in this pose. SUPTA PADANGUSTHASANA See Half Frog Pose Yoga83. This excellent overall leg stretch helps straighten knees with the hips flexed. JANU SIRSASANA Half Frog Pose YogaSee 91. This seated leg stretch also benefits the hips and spine. This is a deep stretch of the quadriceps. You can see your knees in this pose. Practice aligning them carefully.

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