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Yoga in mainstream female body culture I don’t want yoga to change my life. Just my butt Hollywood actress Julia Roberts in Style Magazine Sociologists today agree that body culture has become a central part of the lives of the middle (and upper) classes. In recent decades, body management techniques have become a very conspicuous aspect of self-representation and have been served by the expansion of commercial services to deal with diet and health, physical training and cosmetic improvement to appearances. This may be related to the phenomenon which Bourdieu called californiansation’, a new culture of the body that proved particular attractive to sections of the middle class deficient in legitimate capital.

Lift your toes and root the four corners of your feet Half Moon Pose Yogadown see 235 for foot illustration. Inhale, extend your upper body up from the inside Half Moon Pose Yoga, and arch your lower back slightly. Exhale, bend your knees, and reach your hips back. Make one long line from fingers to hips. Widen your thighs apart, as in Pressure Cooker see 73, without widening the lower legs. Your arms will lean more firmly on the wall. Curl your tailbone down and lift your lower abdomen. This will support your lower back and lessen the arch there.

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