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The first group is called samprajna samadhi, which means seeded. This means that there is still an object or seed of meditation, the intellectual faculty is present and with it a deep sense of self (I). There is still in other words separation of a subject, the meditator, and an object, a seed. In this group of samprajna samadhi the adept moves through six stages of samadhi: two are related to self-analysis, two to synthesis, one to bliss and one to pure being. Each of these six samadhis has its own name. The yogi here works on the five kleshas (ignorance and desires) causing attachment. Slowly the adept accesses deeper and deeper levels of the tattvas (manifestations) ofprakriti – each time realising that any tattva encountered is not the real self.

So the reader can conclude that even in samadhi there is much thinking and cognition taking place. Samadhi is not described as just deep absorption’ here. Instead, this process is very similar to the mindful meditation of Buddhism, where the meditator is coming to grips with his or her own filtering of reality.

As your heart rate will slow when exhaling, this helps Hatha yoga poses for weight loss enhance the effects of the pose as well as the depth of the fold. When your Hatha yoga poses for weight loss lungs empty you allow your torso to become more compact, which in turn allows you to enter into the bend more deeply. Inhale when lifting or opening the chest. While lifting the body or opening the chest in yoga you are normally going into positions that are meant to be energizing or activating. Inhaling deeply requires extra effort on the part of your muscles to take that deep breath, and activating your muscles in an energizing activity. So when the two are paired together it helps enhance the effect of your movement. Exhale when twisting. When you twist, you want to first inhale to prepare your body for the action.

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