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This important category contains nutrient-rich complex carbohydrates that are essential as diet staples for many of the world’s cultures. But why are they high octane instead of super? In our culture, it has become easy to substitute grain foods, especially bread, for other high-nutrient food groups, like the super-octane foods above. We seem to have a bun on everything and bread with every meal. This category is here to help you learn balance in your eating habits. High-octane foods are excellent sources of nutrients so definitely integrate them into your diet. They should probably play a lesser role than you have been used to (when you are not dieting), and trying to leave them out altogether, as some diets suggest, tends to backfire.

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Regular—White-Grain Foods (Flour, Rice, Pasta, Crackers), Processed Anything (Foods Modified and With Chemical Additives)

Doesn’t “regular” sound next to low grade? People don’t usually put regular gas in their cars anymore because the new, more efficient engines require higher, purer types of gas to run efficiently. Regular foods are like that. They will work to fuel your body, but they are not as efficient or clean burning and shouldn’t have a regular spot in your diet. This is a broad category, including all white flour products and all processed foods. If your grocery cart just lost half its contents, you’re not alone. This category of foods probably accounts for much of the make-up foods that people crave and indulge in after they’ve been on a diet. It may take some practice to eliminate these foods from your grocery list. And, you may have some objections from members of your family about this change. But, never mind.

Diesel—Rich, Fatty, Sugary Foods, Pastries, Desserts, Ice Cream, Candy, Chocolate, Cookies, Etc.

Do you ever put diesel fuel into your gas-powered car? Would you ever do that to your car? Never? Diesel fuel will ruin your car’s engine in no time at all. It would be an expensive mistake to make— very expensive. But, we do this with our bodies all the time. We fill up with diesel fuel and then pay a high price for our recklessness. Once you are off the feast or famine cycle, diesel fuel will not appeal to you as much as in the past. However, you will still have to make decisions, every single day, so drive up to the super-octane pump to avoid these impure and damaging foods.

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