How Much Energy Do You Need?


How much energy do you need in a day?

It depends on what stage of puberty you’re in (how fast you’re growing) and how

physically active you are.

Think in terms of eating three nutritious meals each day and one or two healthy snacks in between.

That should do it.


During puberty, kids often gain weight and then grow tallerrelatively quickly.

It’s important to understand that an appropriate plan for many overweight adolescents is to maintain your current weight. Follow a nutritious eating and healthy physical activity plan (like The Cactus Plan).

In time, you’ll grow taller. Your weight will then “fit” your height. Check out your individual situation with your doctor.

Also, crash/fad “diets” promote unhealthy eating practices and attitudes. And guess what. They don’t work! Frequent “dieting” by adolescent girls is related to binge eating (overeating), which results in weight gain over time.

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