How to Do Upward Facing Dog Urdhva Mukha Svan Asana

Welcome to their own yoga upward-facing dog irva mukha Svan Asana it’s a beautiful pose a pose which opens the heart extends the spine I suppose which we do a lot throughout our practice of vinyasa or stung a vinyasa for most flow practices thus it’s important that we learn how to do it in a healthy and sustainable way the most important part is to remember to really extend and lengthen as we open up. So that we don’t just go and compress our lower back let’s look at it and see how it works I’m gonna spread my fingers wide pressing them on the mat lowering my hips down start with my feet tops of the feet to the ground so not toes tucked under the tops of the feet down.

How to Do Upward Facing Dog Urdhva Mukha Svan Asana Photo Gallery

And then from that place I’m gonna go and lift the knees up, if my feet are rolling to the side I’ll bring them back up. So the heels are parallel lifting the knees up. So the legs are active I’m moving my hips forward. And then my belly and chest follow as I move forward my shoulders will roll back I’ll press into the hands press into the hands to create space to create space between the shoulders. And the ears my chest keeps moving forward as the chest moves forward my hand will want to lift up. So I’ll press firmly into the index and thumb keeping the chest forward all.

I have to do last is lift the gaze slightly up no need to take it all the way up which creates a compression in the neck just take it partway up so there’s length head is long shoulders down chest forward legs firm this is upward facing dog, if I dropped my knees to the ground it will be a Cobra which will then create a lot more pressure in my lower back Cobra upward dog Cobra upward dog Cobra is a beautiful pose as well it’s just important to recognize that it can be far more intense on the back and so unless you’re doing a baby Cobra where you’re lifting only partway it’s better to do upward dog until you’re warned up and do Cobra when you’re really ready for it enjoy upward dog has many times it’s neglected. And we spend a lot more time and downward dog enjoy upward dog with a big inhale to help you open up take a full breath before you move out of it and practice in a safe and sustainable way thank you.

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