Humble Warrior Yoga Pose

Humble Warrior Yoga Pose

Virabhadrasana Bhakti

We may not think of “humble” and “warrior” going together, but this Yoga Pose honors the courage it takes to surrender. It opens the hips and shoulders and stretches the spine as well as clearing and calming the mind.

QUALITY Grounding EFFECT Flexibility, strength PROPS Strap GAZE Inward

1 Begin in Warrior I Pose with your right leg forward. Release your arms by your sides and interlace your fingers behind your back. Stretch open your chest and inhale (A). As you exhale, bow your head toward the ground on the inside of your right leg (B).

2 Inhale to rise back up to Warrior I, and exhale into Downward-Facing Dog Pose to switch sides.

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Uh-oh. Are you stuck?

Stuck-ness is a state of mind that can put any of us into overdrive. What can we do? How can we fix it? Should we take courses? Should we spice things up? Where should we start?

Therein lies the rub. As soon as you realize you are stuck, you are becoming conscious of something within yourself that is dissatisfied. And it is the human condition that we want to immediately turn dissatisfaction into satisfaction.

If only it were that easy.

You may have been living in happy ignorance for quite some time before you realized that things were not as contented as you had thought. If it has hit you like a ton of bricks, this is a sign that all your inner signals have been ignored. Things often appear as whispers before they come as shouts. The problem is that in today’s day and age, we don’t even have enough quiet to hear our own inner rumblings.

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