Intuition Meditation

Here I was, fourteen, thrust into the world of beauty before I myself even had any sense of my place within that context. Intuition Meditation I went from cleaning stalls at the barn for five dollars a stall, making at the most twenty-five dollars a day or fifty dollars a weekend, to making sixty dollars an hour! My mom drove me to all of my appointments and bookings after school for the next year. Intuition Meditation She would sit waiting for me while I worked. It was strange work, right from the start.

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I was paid an hourly rate that started as soon as I walked into the studio. I would sit while my makeup and hair were done, then dress and step in front of the camera.

I always say now that modeling isn't a craft like acting, for example, because you never really receive, any formal training, but, in actuality, there is a sort of on-the-job training that comes with practice and through experience. Until then, I always felt really self-conscious, but as the photographers and clients were constantly so complimentary, I slowly began to relax.

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