Jnana Yoga

Jnana yoga is the search for knowledge and wisdom and is considered a somewhat difficult path.

Before embarking on the jnana path, one must integrate the wisdom of the other branches of yoga into his or her life. It serves individuals with strong intellectual interests and those whose philosophical ideas and search for truth are of critical importance in determining the direction of their lives.

The awareness in jnana is always inward, and the jnana yogi uses his or her mind to inquire into his or her own nature. Jnana assumes all knowledge is within us, although it is not always apparent. It is up to the individual to uncover this dormant knowledge.

The jnana yogi embarks on a three-step process: he or she listens to, reflects on, and recognizes knowledge, and then tries to integrate these three components of knowledge together. Jnana is philosophical; it is a perfect type of yoga for the individual who desires to move past material reality. Jnana yogis find knowledge through God.


For a comprehensive guide to bhakti yoga with notes by Sri Swami Sivananda, check out the following site on the Internet:

httpV/hli/zard. rsl. ukans. edu/~pkanagar/divine/teachings/bhaktiyoga. htm

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