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According to romanticist holism the parts and the system mutually permeate each other. Humans are a part of nature, social organisations and god – and this is also true the other way round: nature, social organisation and god are a part of humans. Humans – being elements – can only thrive if they are living in harmony with the whole – nature, society etc. Romanticist ideologies were accordingly criticising modernity and the industrial society for breaking up our fundamental social organisations and for removing us from nature. And when the romanticists said nature’ they both meant our inner human nature’ and the surrounding physical nature’41. In other words, according to this discourse, the process of modernisation is breaking down the whole’ and this is individualising us – making us inhuman. Turning humans into fragmented parts lacking their wholesomeness. The romanticists held India up as a counter example of a holistic and spiritual wisdom culture.

Workshops and courses are offered throughout the year, and are taught by qualified Siddha Yoga swamis monks in a university campus like setting.Krounchasana Pose Yoga To learn more about Siddha Yoga, you can do so by visiting their website at Siddha Yoga Lineage Muktananda, Gurumayi, and Nityananda Kripa Kripalu Yoga refers to itself as the yoga of consciousness,” or the willful practice. This school of yoga was developed by the founder of the Kripalu Center of Health and Healing, Amrit Desai, in Lenox, Massachusetts, in 1966. Kripalu Yoga is also based on Hatha Yoga postures, with an emphasis on listening to your own body for feedback throughout the postures.Krounchasana Pose Yoga The goal of this yoga school is psychological, as well as physical.

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