Mommy And Baby Yoga Poses

Mommy And Baby Yoga Poses

In the yogic tradition these trapped emotions are referred to as samskaras, which roughly translates as habit or pattern. It is believed that in order to release these emotional patterns we must embark on an inner journey that takes us beyond the level of thought and conditioning into the various layers of the mind body complex.

By using a combination of breath and consciousness, yoga becomes a safe and gentle way to connect to ourselves and our deeper states of being. Yoga is not just the position; rather it is the deep exploration of mindfulness and breath within the position.

In this journey we are encouraged to become what is known as the ‘silent witness’ – a state of consciousness that is free of labels and judgement.

Ultimately the physical aspect of doing yoga is a meditation, and has the power to guide us inward towards the ultimate space of being’. In this space we have the ability to release our deep fears, and like the sculptor, reveal our true essence and inherent wholeness

After all it was Carl Jung who said, ‘Who looks outside – dreams. Who looks inside – awakes.’

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